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Our team is hard at work every day finding and selecting the latest fascinating and compelling documentaries that are released every day by talented film makers from around the world. We strive to give a voice to these independent storytellers, teachers and journalists.
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Discover films on a wide range of topics of high relevance to planetary minds, with plenty of inspiration to expand your knowledge and ignite your soul and your imagination! Topics include animals, arts, biographies, environment, health human rights, meditation, nature, science, spirituality, sustainability, the human to animal relationship
, yoga, Mental health, Equality,, philosophy and lots more!
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Change is afoot. People everywhere are engaging in positive alternatives and sustainable projects and innovations. Where are we headed? What kind of world will we pass down to future generations? People everywhere are realising that things need to change. We need to change the existing dominant paradigms and examine and develop the way that we take care of our environment and ecology, people and animals. Positive change starts with awareness and knowledge. “If you have knowledge, let others light their candles with it” - Margaret Fuller
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